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This system allows you to finish your swimming pool in an aesthetic way.On the one hand, the border valley cancontinue all around in the same material without a difference in level, on the other hand, the
swimming pool visually appears 1 m larger by placing the roller shutter box below the water level.
This plage roller shutter is mainly chosen for new swimming pools because of the constructionalmeasures that must be taken to hide the power cable.



This system can be used in both existing and new swimming pools.The installation of the roller shutter only takes 1 day.

The top of the roller shutter can be finished with a wooden grille, supported by a stainless steel tube.

Depending on the water level, the stainless steel grid can be placed flush or raised.

By using suspension consoles, this system can be placed in the swimming pool without drilling holes in the liner.



This system can be used in both existing swimming pools and new swimming pools.
The installation only takes 1 day.
The roller shutter consists of an extremely strong structure made entirely of stainless steel!This is your
lifetime guarantee of worry-free use of the system without corrosion.However, aluminum
structures are out of the question.
Casing in class I tropical hardwood

We Bring Safety Automatic security shutters

Suitable for any swimming pool

The roller shutter can be installed in new as well as existing swimming pools.The installation can be done in one day, without having to empty the pool and without having to drill through the seal of the pool.

Savings, comfort & safety

By using the solar slats, this will reduce heating costs by up to 80%.The special solar collectors transfer the sunlight directly to the water.In addition to the safety aspect, the cover will also play an important role in the maintenance of your swimming pool.Twigs and leaves are kept out of the pool, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The waterproof tubular motor

The motor has been developed to be mounted in the shaft of the roller shutter.This makes a separate motor well superfluous.There is therefore no longer any risk of water seeping through the shaft.


The slats consist of PVC or POLYCARBONATE profiles with closed chambers, which have a very large load-bearing capacity.The solar slats are equipped with a rigid, strong closed hinge point, which strongly counteracts the penetration of dirt and algae formation.